Steelers Karma JuJu Smith Vs Burfict

Steelers Karma JuJu Smith Vs Burfict Shirt, Sweater, Hoodie


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Steelers Karma JuJu Smith Vs Burfict Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater is designed based on Monday night’s game between the Steelers and Bengals was uncomfortably brutal at times. A game that started with Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier getting stretchered off with a spinal injury would continue with multiple dangerous plays. At one point, Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster laid a vicious block on the Bengals’ Vontaze Burfict. Smith-Schuster was penalized for standing over Burfict who had to be stretchered off the field as well. Burfict’s history with the Steelers is well documented. He’s one of the dirtier players in the NFL, and after the game, it didn’t appear that Antonio Brown felt too sorry for Burfict. As Smith-Schuster was describing his block and denying any intent to hurt Burfict, Brown could be heard yelling “Karma” in the background.Burfict gave Brown a concussion with a violent helmet-to-helmet hit in 2016 and would later claim that Brown faked the concussion (he didn’t). Brown missed the AFC Championship Game the following week because he was still in the concussion protocol. The Bengals linebacker was ruled out with a head injury.

Steelers Karma JuJu Smith Vs Burfict Sweater
Steelers Karma JuJu Smith Vs Burfict Sweater

Antonio Brown made headlines for all the wrong reasons Tuesday morning. After teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster’s head shot on Vontaze Burfict knocked the Bengals linebacker out of the game in the fourth quarter Monday night during the Steelers’ 23-20 victory, Brown called the hit “karma.” Brown, the Steelers’ all-world wide receiver, was knocked out by Burfict during a January 2016 AFC wild-card playoff game.Smith-Schuster was remorseful afterward, suggesting he shouldn’t have stood over the fallen Burfict as the linebacker remained on the ground. “After seeing the replay, I think I should have held back a little bit more,” Smith-Schuster said. “Also, that’s not me. I should have never stood over him. I apologize for that.”
Not everyone felt sympathy for Vontaze Burfict as he was carted off the field in Monday’s Pittsburgh-Cincinnati bloodbath. While Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster spoke with reporters about his illegal block on the Bengals linebacker in the fourth quarter, fellow wideout Antonio Brown could be heard in the background repeating the word “karma” and saying “touchdown Brown” will pay his fine.The bad blood between Brown and Burfict has boiled over in recent games, most notably when Burfict delivered a crushing hit on Brown in a 2015 playoff game that left Brown concussed and resulted in a three-game suspension for Burfict. Ahead of Monday’s kickoff, Brown was accused of faking that concussion by Burfict, which explains his postgame remarks. Despite saying he “liked” the block, Brown insisted his “karma” reference was about life in general and nothing personal.Smith-Schuster wasn’t ejected for the hit but was penalized for unnecessary roughness and taunting as he stood over the injured Burfict. He apologized for his actions on Twitter after the game.

Steelers Karma JuJu Smith Vs Burfict Hoodie
Steelers Karma JuJu Smith Vs Burfict Hoodie

Burfict, who has had is own fair share of illegal hits and dirty plays, especially in the Steelers-Bengals rivalry, reportedly was livid as he jumped off the cart and stormed to the locker room after being helped off the field with the injury.
As for Brown, he endured yet another helmet shot courtesy of Bengals safety George Iloka as he scored the tying touchdown with just under four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.”The guy just left his feet and hit me in the head. Karma for him too. Karma,” Brown said. “I was just grateful I was able to get through the game.” Smith-Schuster and Iloka were each suspended one game later Tuesday for violations of safety-related playing rules. Let’s buy Steelers Karma JuJu Smith Vs Burfict Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater to support JuJu Smith and Pittsburgh Steelers.


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