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The child of Yoda’s species is not Yoda. The child was dubbed ‘baby Yoda’ because we are never told the location of Yoda’s homeworld or his species’ name, so it was easier to refer to the child this way. The Galactic Standard Calendar was the standard chronometric in the Star Wars galaxy. It centered on the Coruscant tropical year. The Coruscant solar cycle was 368 days long; with a day consisting of 360 NET degrees (or 24 standard hours), the same as Earth.
Yoda himself reckoned his age in Standard years, which is 12 days longer than Earth years. Yoda was born 895 BBY and died 4 ABY in Dagobah, putting him at 900 Standard years of age.
If you want Yoda’s years in Earth years, you would take 900 x 12 divided by 356.25. The result is 29.568788501, or 30 earth years if you round the number up. So in Earth’s reckoning of years, Yoda is 930 years old.

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If you are referring to how humans calculate an animal’s life in human years, such as a dog, cat, or horse, and applying this system to the child of Yoda’s species, no guideline like that exists that I am aware of.
It is apparent that the child does indeed have Force sensitivity and abilities, so it is possible that the injunction to kill the child was based out of fear; a living creature with such powers would not submit meekly to be tested on.
The IG-11 bounty droid explains that different species age differently. First of all, we need to let go of the idea that an alien life form’s life cycle would correspond in any direct way to that of a human. Look at the 1:7 “dog years” model. A one-year-old dog of many if not most Irish I Am Kiss Me You Must Baby Yoda Shirt breeds is actually the equivalent of a teenage human, not a child of seven. The dog matures faster at the start of its life than it ages once mature; the model doesn’t really start to work until the dog is already mature.
Humans, you see, have an extended period of infancy and childhood compared to most other mammals, even when you take our long lifespans into account.
So. The Child at 50 appears to this experienced early childhood educator to be the equivalent of a bright human child between 1 and 1 1/2 with a spoken language delay but very good receptive language skills. If you make a direct Yodish-human comparison that would make 1.5 Yodish years the equivalent of 75 human years.
If you allow for the Yodish species to have an extended infancy in relation to lifespan comparable to that of humans as compared to dogs, that could put The Child’s 50 years as equivalent to as little as 6 to 9 months.
There is no correlation between a year, which we define as the time taken for our planet Earth to orbit its sun, and any time period in any other solar system.
How can anyone answer this question when Star Wars is a work of fiction set in a galaxy far far away and “a long time ago”? Whatever period of time is ever mentioned as a “year” in any Star Wars story is going to be related to the orbital period of either the planet from which that character originated or of the planet related to the object of their comment. Nothing to do with our years at all.

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Every answer to this question that attempts to give a value for the character’s age in earth years is going to be extended, extrapolated guesswork that is meaningless in real terms.
Furthermore, humans are helpless babies for a longer period of time than most other species on our planet. What does “baby” mean in terms of Yoda’s species? When does a kitten become a cat? When does a calf become a cow? In Earth terms, Yoda’s species might be a baby for a decade, or two, or ten, or maybe for a month. There is NO correlation and no information about it which is why the question is being asked.
I will also point out that (a) there is no such thing as a “human” in that story. There are humanoid characters but they were not born on earth so they don’t share our definition of a year.
Sorry to be so negative, but questions like this ask people to invent something new that effectively means nothing because it isn’t “official”. It’s just fiction from someone else’s imagination. Why bother? Make it up for yourself. When asking how old he is do you mean compared to a human? Since we do not know much about Yoda’s species I am going to assume 900 is the average lifespan of a Yoda’s species. The average lifespan of a human is 79 years. This means that 11 human years would be like one Yoda year. Since baby Yoda is 50 this means that he would be about 4 and a half in human years when compared with his species or just 50 for actual years. Hope this was helpful. (We know this is not actually Yoda. We just say it for ease of understanding since we do not know the babies name or species).
Well it is said he is 50 years old, so I’m going to go with 50. Now if we are talking stages of life. We know Yoda lives to be 900 years, if we figure that when he died he was the equivalent of a 90 year old human. That could put a factor of 10ths to Yoda’s species development, so at 50 years old “The Child” would be equivalent to a 5 year old human in development. But either way since all the Star Wars Universe uses a standardized time scale based on Coruscant, Irish I Am Kiss Me You Must Baby Yoda Shirt then a year is a year based on how long Coruscant revolves around it’s star, so a year is a year regardless of what planets or species we are referring to, so again “The Child” is 50.


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