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The strength is with him. Despite his small size, the Jedi Grand Master of the Star Wars epic commands respect… even among executives. Is it his calm, his great wisdom, his desire to form and grow his Padawans (students) or his ability to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of his disciples? In any case, more than 6 out of 10 make Baby Yoda Pocket Shirt the ideal manager!

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Even if, despite his mistrust and intuition, he is unable to prevent some Jedi from moving to the dark side of force, the people we interviewed* do not hold this against him, aware that the ideal manager cannot be infallible. He therefore largely dominates this fight and leaves little chance to his opponents.Behind him: two women. Starting with Olivia Pope, from the Scandal series, who brings together 25% of the respondents. Specialized in crisis communication, this heroine knows how to win the trust of her teams and protect them. A brilliant strategist, she quickly understands situations, finds solutions to all problems and is therefore naturally appreciated. However, secret and authoritarian, she asks her collaborators to follow her with their eyes closed.
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On the third step of the podium, Daenerys Targaryen, the one who is nicknamed the mother of dragons in Star Wars. Baby Yoda Pocket Shirt, this princess in exile left for the reconquest of the kingdom. Fragile in appearance, it is invulnerable to fire and gains in confidence and authority over others over time. It liberates slaves in the cities it conquers and convinces them to follow it of their own free will. Is it because she is cruel to her enemies or because of her initial lack of confidence? In any case, it received only a little over 4% of the votes.

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