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Eaglexshirt.com – Important Agent Of Sunfrog

If you are a fan of fashion, especially online shopping then you certainly know Sunfrog – the most famous organization in term of fashion ecommerceall over the word. But you may miss out this critical fact: Eaglexshirt is the very important agent of Sunfrog which provides various products such as T-Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Tank Top, Longsleeve, Hat, Truckle Cap, Leggings, Mug, Poster… Since we are the important affiliate of Sunfrog, we have lots of promotion and good deal from Sunfrog. With a mission of delivering fast, easy-to-use interface, and a simple, user-friendly way to buy, Eaglexshirt is becoming everyone’s favorite online shopping website. In the below sections, we will explain why Eaglexshirt must upgrade your online shopping life thousand times!

Why Should You Buy Clothes At EagleXShirt?

Though there’re thousands of shopping platforms on the internet,Sunfrog keeps their no.1 position in the market for many years. So, what makes Sunfrog become the most famous and trust-worthy commercial website?Sunfrog is based in the US and has manufacture factories there, as US is the world leader in printing and professional services, there is no need to worry about fabric or print quality as well as customer service.These are the core values of Sunfrog.
High-qualitied fabric:As mentioned before, there’s no need to debate about the fabric quality of Sunfrog clothes. Made from 100% cotton and other material which are carefully chosen, Sunfrogclothes are comfortable to wear in any climate or occasions. With advanced fabric production technology that commits the international standard, Sunfrog is extremely confident to deliver high-qualitied T-shirts and clothes to consumers.
Modern print technology:100% Sunfrog’s customers are satisfied by the sharp images and quotes on Sunfrog T-shirts, from simple pictures/quotes to complex one, all are clearly displayed on your clothes! Even after many washing times, they’re almost brand new.
Trendy design: When seeking for a T-shirt, many fashionistas decide to come to Sunfrog, which shows how beautiful and trendy our designs are! Keep up with the trend of young people is the important mission of the Sunfrog. Besides, whether you are skinny or a little bit plump, the form fits with your body magically, that’s the secret of Sunfrog in form creation! Of course, they’re all very eye catching. In addition, the trendy colors and diverse designs have made Sunfrog T-shirt become the must – have – item of fashionista.
Fast shipping: The worldwide shipping system allows Sunfrog to deliver the product to the consumer quickly. On average, after only 3-10 days rom the order day, customers can receive their T shirt. Moreover, the shipping cost is very reasonable, ranging from $$ 3,99or a T-shirt. It’s too good, isn’t it?
Domestic Orders Only (Delivery estimates include print times)
Economy – Delivery: 10-14 Business Days
Premium – Delivery: 5-7 Business Days
Express – Delivery: 3-4 Business Days
International Orders
Economy: 7-9 business days (print time only) **Final delivery can take 2-6 weeks through your local post.Premium: 4-5 business days (delivery estimate includes print time).
We ship to most countries throughout the world. The price is calculated based on your exact location and the weight of the package. We use the UPS Mail Innovations to ship all orders and tracking will be available through them at www.ups.com. This tracking, however, only follows the package within the United States. After it departs a US Processing Center, it becomes the property of your country’s postal system. Currently we ship internationally with a rate per item of: $4.99 USD for each tee and $7.50 USD for each hoodie/sweatshirt. For additional product pricing, please contact our customer service department.Shipping times for international orders vary greatly, but we would recommend that you allow at least 2-4 weeks for standard orders from the time it leaves the US for you to receive it.
Reliable guarantee policy:Sunfrog not only brings good productsbut also provides a super good guarantee policy. Thanks tothe reimbursement service, customers are more reassured when shopping with Sunfrog, the customer service center dealing with the problems quite quickly is also a strong point of Sunfrog.
Convenient payment system: Understanding the customer insight, that’s everyone will be quite worried about the payment method when shopping online, Sunfrog has come up with a convenient, popular and high security payment system such as: Paypal, VISA, Master Card.

EagleXShirt Must Upgrade Your Online Shopping Life Thousand Times

Shopping and purchasing a T-shirt on Sunfrog is great, but buying Sunfrog T-shirt on EagleXShirt is even better. Why? Here are some reasons why you should buy a T-shirt at EagleXShirt.
Easy searching tool: If searching for a T-shirt at Sunfrog limits you to search in only 2 words, you are allowed to search what ever you want! The more detailed you go, the more proper your result can be. That’s why you can find the T-shirt you want faster, things become easier, right? Especially with young people who do not have much time, we have the modern searching tool is the best solution for them!
Up to date promotion code: With shopaholics, what can be more wonderful than promotion code, huh? You can have a promotion code systems that is updated constantly day by day thanks to the big deal between Sunfrog and EagleXShirt. Besides, we has established a team who work 24/24 to pick up the latest promotion code in order to ensure the best benefits for consumers. Buying a favorite, trendy item at a very amazing price is the best feeling in life, right?
Hot trend collections: We don’t only brings the commercial benefits to customer but also provide them with the trendy style. If you don’t have enough time to surf the internet trying to know which are the hot legging, T-shirt or tank top, you just need to visit EagleXShirt. We have a category that collect all trendy and super-hot design and fashion items. All are best seller and everyone-loves. Take a look at our webssite and don’t be worry about out of date clothes you may get from other websites.
Unique design tool:have you ever think about creating your own T-shirt, a T-shirt that’s uniquely yours? That sounds over fascinating, but you might concern about how to start, how to design and print it.  Now you have Eaglexshirt and a tool called Custom Design – we are here to guide you to complete the design based on your requirement and interest. Custom Design is what you need to have a T-shirt which can show your own personality accurately and fast.
Attentive service: shopping online sometime causesmany problems that you may feel confused and nervous. But with us and its full service from A to Z, from tracking order to shipping, warranty services, aftermarket issues…you are available to avoid all risk that may happen!
In a conclusion, EagleXShirt deserves to be the favorite shopping website of young people because of its wonderful product, service and close partnership with Sunfrog. To experience these things yourself, check out our store now!